Old Workstation Upgrades
  • Replace or Upgrade Old Workstations to maximise your staff efficiency.
    • Faster login times.
    • More responsive workflow.
    • Less time spent waiting.
    • Ability to Multitask easily.
  • Enjoy the benefits of new technology, professionally Installed by our Staff.
    • Reliability and Speed of Solid State Memory.
    • The ease of access and simplicity of Cloud Storage.
  • Remove annoying errors and issues, diagnosed and repaired by our Staff.
    • No more data loss.
    • Less downtime.
    • No more fear of interrupted clients.
Central Storage
  • The ability to share and collaborate files inside a Business is an important feature to have.
    • Less time spent searching for lost files.
    • Files are always online.
    • All files can be periodically backed up to an external location with ease.
  • Central Storage can be securely controlled and backed up from a single server.

Don't forget to take care of your NAS/Server!

  • We can help with all Server / NAS issues.
    • Cleaning
    • Diagnostics
    • Repair
    • Upgrades

Don't have a NAS / Server?

  • Fear not! We can help you purchase and install / setup your very own NAS / Server, to get it up and running in no time.
Networking - WiFi - Internet
  • Diagnosing and Solving network problems is our thing, including WiFi and Internet issues.
    • We Diagnose your Network to determine the best treatment.
    • We Upgrade your Network and WiFi to handle more workers.
    • We Upgrade and Manage your Internet.
    • All with Budget and Future in mind.